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Don't know the difference between Archie and Emma Gee...look no further the answer is here


Eastern Front: The area of conflict between Russia, Germany and Austria Hungary located to the East of Germany and Austria Hungary.
Easterners: British nickname for anyone who wanted to divert military resources away from the Western Front and attack the Central Powers on their flanks. The invasion of the Dardanelles is the most famous result of ‘Easterner’ thinking.
ED: Excused Duty.
EEF: Egyptian Expeditionary Force.
EFC: Expeditionary Forces Canteens; these sold food and supplies behind the lines. Also known as 'Every Franc Counts'.
Eighteen Pounder: The standard field gun of the British army throughout the war.
Efreitor: Russian/Bulgarian first class private or lance-corporal.
Egg: Bomb.
Egg grenade: Grenade shaped like an egg.
E-in-C: Engineer in Chief.
Einjährig-freiwillige: 'One Year Recruit', German recruit who provided his own equipment for a years training.
Elephant: Semi-circular hut made of corrugated iron.
Emma Gee: Machine gun.
Emma Pip: Military Policeman.
Encirclement: The German fear that her neighbours would ally against her.
ENE: Éléments non endivionnés, French 'corps troops'.
Enfilade: Fire into a target from the side rather than head on; usually used to describe firing down a trench.
Entente Powers: The alliance of the British, French and Russian Empires as well as Belgium.
Enverieh: The Turkish sun helmet.
EPD: Excess Profits Duty.
Erk: An airplane mechanic.
Ersatz : German term for substitute/alternate products, units and items, derived from the German term ersetzen, to substitute.
Esaul : Cossack Major.
Estaminet: Civilian run bar/café for off duty soldiers on the western front.
EVK: Eskadra Vozdushnykh Korablei, the bombing section of the Russian Aviation Service.
Evzone: Greek Rifle Corps.
Exasperator: British slang for the box respirator.
Eyetie: Derogatory Slang for Italians.